The largest UX publications by traffic

I’ve always had a rough idea about which online (non-academic) publications were the most popular. Of course you have smashingmagazine and good ol Jakob Nielson’s but I never really thought to look up the statistics. This was until I saw some UX research that referenced the same few websites.

I blasted up similarweb so that I could see which publications are the most visited.

Here are my findings:

A table with the exact traffic numbers and links to similarweb are shown at the end of the article.

I was surprised when I first compared the data between the websites. It seems that only a handful of websites capture most of the traffic. Of course there are numerous smaller blogs that¬†aren’t included in my list.

It’ll be interesting to compare the traffic data for these sites in 3 years time. I have a feeling their traffic will be dramatically lower as newer publishing platforms like Medium or Facebook’s Instant Articles spring up.

Sitename Monthly Traffic (‘000s) URL
Smashingmagazine 7400
Fastcodesign 4800
Web designer depot 3000
core77 1300
UX Mag 1000
A list apart 951.3 781.8
Interaction Design Foundation 672.5
NNGroup 366.6
UX Booth 318.7 247.7
UX Matters 247
UX Mastery 213
Usability Geek 208.3
UX Movement 173.2
Design Observer 136.3
Luke W 102
User Interface Engineering 87.5
Human Factors 52.8
The largest UX publications by traffic