Strategy and Technology Analysis: Stratechery

Its early in the morning and I go on Panda. I skim through the headlines from Techcrunch, Techmeme, designernews and see that there are lots of negative views on the Apple September conference and especially the new iPhone.


I suspected that although the new iPhone 7 announcements didn’t shake the media, they are actually setting us up for a bigger release next year. That thought started my journey into researching the iPhone 7 in more detail.

I came across Ben Thompson’s “Beyond the iPhone” article and it confirmed my suspicions. I learnt a lot of new things in the process of reading of the article and thats how I ended up reading about the Apple Watch and how it sets us up for the future of computingApple’s founding myth and how this affects its culture and ability to make iCloud a success and Apple’s organisational crossroads.

I’m fascinated by Ben’s insights and would recommend anyone who is interested in the the technology, strategy and businesses of big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Uber etc to take a look at the site.

Strategy and Technology Analysis: Stratechery