Anima … Too good to be true? But I’m optimistic

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The Anima guys claim in their video that you can go from a Sketch Design to prototyping with data and then to native iOS code in 3 minutes. This can all be achieved using the Anima prototyping app.

A picture showing screenshots of the Anima prototyping app and the corresponding view on a real iPhone

When I first found the anima video through DesignerNews, my reaction was “Do we really need another prototyping app?”. After watching the video, I felt “Wow, this is too good to be true”.

Without a moment of hesitation I visited their website to see what they’re about. Very quickly I began to read through their medium article “Should Designers Code? The Story Behind Anima.”.

The article is really short but makes some good points. First of all, I love this quote:

We can’t build tomorrow’s UX with yesterday’s tools.

Its so true. I see so many so-called UX Designers using tools designed for Photos or for illustration but what they really need is a tool designed for digital interfaces and then a tool designed to prototype digital products.

Here is what Anima is trying to do:

Let Designers Own. Instead of spending time explaining how things should work, build them, own the UI & UX you design. Be. Don’t show. – Stephen Hay

Their motivation comes from the gap between design and development and how resources are wasted through this process. In their own words:

… once the product has entered the development stage, the prototypes are used as instructions, they can’t go to production. The hard work of building the flows & interactions is done twice.

Or in diagrammatic form (because we all LOVE diagrams):

Diagram showing the current design process involves design then prototype then front end development followed by back end development. After Anima, front end development is replaced by the anima prototyping app

It seems to me like a very bold vision and a massive task but from what I’ve seen so far they are headed in the right direction and seem to know what they are doing. I’m hopeful and can’t wait to try it out. If you’re like me, apply to join their waitlist here:

Anima … Too good to be true? But I’m optimistic