Most of the UX recruiters in one place

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Searching for UX recruiters in London

I find it surprising how a Google search for “User experience recruiters London” doesn’t return a listing or a directory of Recruitment Agencies that recruit for UX roles. Wouldn’t this be useful for someone looking to browse for jobs? It only makes sense if you’re looking to find the best job, then you must search for all the Recruitment Agencies and then search for jobs within those.

But when if I thought about it more, I realise that its in no one’s best interests to make such a directory. Do we not have recruiters on LinkedIn? Do we not already have too many websites for job listings? Do we not already know who the recruiters are?

No! Not if you’re relatively new to User Experience (UX) or if its the first time that you are looking/changing jobs.

For this reason, I’ve managed to compile a list of the User Experience (UX) recruitment agencies in and around London while I was looking around myself.

Check them out here.

PS if I’ve left a recruiter out, please email me – I am

Most of the UX recruiters in one place

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